Hiatus Ending Soon

Hiatus Ending Soon

Wow, things have been crazy the last few months. Not only was our editing process for Standardized Heroics delayed, but I’ve had to put The Weekly Fiction Forum on hold, too!

As we enjoy this very wet spring, we are gearing up to end the Hiatus moving into summer. Here are the things you can look forward to:

  • The Weekly Fiction Forum Summer Event- The Summer of Banned Books
  • Standardized Heroics coming to Amazon near you!
  • Exclusive chapters from Standardized Heroics will be published to Patreon
  • Work to begin on our next Book Project- the lineup has either a Steampunk YA Trilogy or a YA Fantasy adventure/romance coming next.
  • More consistent blog posts and some really fun website updates! Be on the lookout for more activity as the summer progresses, we’re moving full steam ahead!

I’ll be posting more details about The Summer of the Banned Books soon, including a lineup of which books will be included in the event. Right now we’re in the final editing stages of Standardized Heroics, and it’s harder than it sounds! We have one last beta reader taking a look at the middle grade super story, and other than the final polishing edit, we’ll just have formatting left to make sure it’s pretty as a peach when it gets into your hands.

Patreon will also start being updated more regularly again, of course the more patrons we have the more we’ll be able to update and focus on the content for that site, so please check out the page!

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