The Authors

Meet Coral and Katie

Coral (upside down) and Katie (not upside down) have been writing together since junior high. The writing medium we have the most experience with is the novel format, but we hope to someday be working in screenplays and scripts for tv shows as well.


I currently work as a teacher for an elementary school distance education program and loving it! I get to spend my days teaching about ancient world history, a subject I love, and helping kids get inspired to learn. I also run a charity group that I founded called “Stepping Up For Foster Care” where we raise money to buy shoes for kids in foster care. You can probably tell how much I love children.

I come from a really big family, being the oldest of fifteen children, some of whom came to us through Foster Care. My family has been a huge influence on my life, my parents always encouraged my creativity and curiosity. I became an avid reader at the age of five and Harry Potter inspired me to become a writer myself.



I work in marketing, editing, and SEO (depending on the project my current workplace gives me) and I’m having a blast with all of it. Learning new things about how to take my creative steam and set it out onto the internet is always fun, and with my current job focusing a great deal on SEO for various other companies, I’m learning a lot of random facts about random topics. At home, I’m also working to improve my work in digital art, graphic design, and taking an online class to become an animal psychologist (because the class was on sale and I like animals.) Currently, I also spend a lot of time with my pet leopard gecko, Cooper, who likes to nap in the warm corner of my laptop or on my shoulder while I write.

I am the second oldest of six, though Coral makes it hard to consider mine to be a “big family.” My family has done a great deal to help support my career choices and help me get the resources I need to further my talents. I wrote my first story (that I can find) when I was four or five, and haven’t stopped since. My goal is to publish many books and to someday be able to write for many television series, as well.