Even without superpowers growing up is a wild ride. So how much crazier does it get when you’re part of the ⅓ of the population with extraordinary abilities? Gloria has been dying to find out. She has two super parents, yet no powers in sight at twelve years old. Gloria almost resigns herself to a disappointing, awkward existence with no powers and almost as many friends. When she finally unlocks her potential, will it be everything she dreamed? Skills are honed, friendships are forged, and even darker relationships begin as she starts to realize that everything may not be what it seems. What is it that makes some into heroes and leaves others….less heroic? Is it fate? Is it choice? Or is it something more? Gloria and her friends will have to face the pressures of growing up, bullies, and even future super villains as they answer an important question: What does it truly mean to be a hero?

Here’s what other people have said about “The Class Villain”

“The book really does grab your attention! Once I started I couldn’t put it down. It really makes you think about what is a Hero and what is a Villian. The story is riveting and tugs at your heart strings in places. It makes you see heroism, villainy, bullying, and friendships from many different perspectives. These are great authors and this is an excellent first book.

Julie, an Amazon reviewer

“This book makes you think about what makes a villain. What did they go through growing up? Why do they think this path is a good one?

To put the “min” points down first: This book made me cry, both inside and out! (which was perhaps author-intended 😛 ) And I have so many questions about the in-book society that remain unanswered!! I want to know more!

On the flip side:
I liked how this book made me think. It challenges the definition of “Hero” and “Villain” in a way that our society doesn’t see often. On both sides of the coin, I liked how the intra-group relationships grew, it was well presented. I can easily see these as real people, who also do embarrassing/dumb things sometimes. I could see the (mis)steps the characters made that directed the development of the people around them.”

Drake, an Amazon reviewer