License Plate Of The Week

License Plate Of The Week

(I had this post all ready and forgot to schedule it’s publication date! Oops! This was supposed to post on Saturday. 🙂 )

Relating these license plates to writing is going to be the real challenge of these posts, but I think it’s gonna get fun. This week’s license plate is…

Cute and cuddly or creepy crawly?

Critter! Well, critters can be a fun part of writing. If you’re in a fantasy or sci-fi setting, you get to make up your own.

I’ve had a lot of fun making creatures for my stories, scary ones, cuddly ones, alien cultures. Aliens are the one I think I have the most experience with, though I have made up a few good spooky creatures for fantasy stories.

The one I’m most proud of was from a fantasy story I wrote with Katie. Our human protagonist was on a quest into some deep caves and came across my masterpiece- the Bone Clicker. The creature was hulking and hairy, with empty eyes and long claws. It’s hobby was collecting interesting stones, or polished bones, and lining them up in patterns.

Of course, one of the best things for coming up with creatures is learning about ones that exist. Watching nature documentaries is great for this. The ocean has things crazier than science fiction- the octopus is a prime example of weird but cool.

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